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Diesta on the path of decision.

This is what I wish I knew in my twenties.

We all have to learn to embrace our own path.
I used to get stuck in the bowels of insecurity where I would envy what someone else had or how they looked.

I didn’t feel good about myself unless I was fitting into a particular size 2 pair of jeans.

Feeling frustrated, I would go on a fad starvation diet or join Weight Watchers (twice)..

My success was temporary.

If I got down to a certain size, I would start to feel prideful.

Then self-sabotage would raise its ugly head.

The result =>I would end up heavier than I was before…..tear
Can anyone relate or is this just me?

It was all unhealthy.

You can be a size 2 but if you are unhealthy on the inside, it’s all a bunch of do-do.
Wellness starts within.

Let me say that again because I don’t think you heard me….I said, “Wellness starts within.”

I stopped comparing myself to others.

I realized I can’t do anything or sustain it, without God’s help.

I started eating a balanced SUSTAINABLE meal plan that included foods I liked
I started exercising more regularly because it makes me feel better. Exercise is a celebration that your body can move. (20 min. a day of walking can be life changing)

I realized that wellness was not a number of a scale, it was a life journey.

My epiphany came when I realized that wellness is worship. It’s showing God that I appreciate the body He gave me to steward.

My path to wellness may be different than yours.

Sister, maybe you’ve never struggled with your weight or body image.

Through coaching, I have found many women, due to the Hollywood images and expectations WE put on ourselves, encounter the same struggle.

To a healthy mindset.
To a heck-yah, I can do this and sustain it.

My joy is seeing women be successful. They change their mindset about their wellness.

Menopause throws us some crazy curve balls. I bring the education I never had so you can be smarter and wiser than I was. I don’t want you to have to suffer the way I did.

The time is NOW!  Do something your future self will thank you for.    Click the link for a free discovery call.

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Coach Diesta

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I am passionate about encouraging women to discover their vision and destiny in life.  Sometimes we put everything into our families and we forget about our own passions.  You have gifts and talents that are unique and God given.  Let's discover what they are so you can be what you want to see!