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Here are a few resources on a personal and professional level that have been inspirational in my life.  Some of the books below have been pivotal in my journey on self acceptance, confidence, setting boundaries and clarity.  I hope they can inspire you in some aspect of your life.

The business resources below were incredibly helpful for social media consulting, logo design and web design.  They are phenomenal women to work with.  Check them out for any business needs you have as a solopenuer like me!

Personal Growth

Girl, Stop Apologizing

Rachel’s message has changed the mindset of women across the world who don’t feel they are worthy of the life they want to live.   She gives excellent advice and tools about becoming the best version of yourself. Embrace your past so you can embrace your future.  Vision UP!

How to Win Friends & Influence People

What to build your realm of influence for the right reasons?  This book reveals how to strike connections with others whether you are interviewing for a job, seeking better friends or looking for ways to develop better social skills.  Dale suggests that you read each chapter twice to really grasp the concepts. Written in 1936, his insightful techniques apply to every generation.

Approval Addiction

Do you need to overcome the need to please others in your life?  The truth hit me right between the eyes. I cannot recommend this book enough.  Even in areas that I thought I was free, I was not. Get ready to come out of a fog with this powerful and insightful book by Joyce Meyer.  Available on Amazon.

48 Days to the Work You Love

Are you happy in your current career?  Is each day a chore to get out of bed and go to that dreaded job?  Dan Miller reveals ways to find your passion and make a plan to get there no matter how long you’ve been in the workforce.  I highly recommend this book for college adults so they can find out sooner rather than later. Eighty percent of college grads are not working in the field they went to college for within 10 years of graduation.  He also has a weekly podcast entitled the same. Available on Amazon.

Have a New Kid by Friday

Although most of my audience will have adult children, this book covers all ages.  Get ready to for a quick read and an honest look at yourself. It really helped me in raising my children and now I still use some of these techniques in everyday life with my adult son and daughter (lol…it's true).  Or maybe your adult children have issues with raising with YOUR grandchildren! This would make an excellent gift. You may wonder why I added this resource? It's because healthy relationships are part of health and wellness.

The Chalene Show

Fitness guru and best selling author, Chalene Johnson, has been one of my inspirations since the early 2000’s.   I taught Turbo Kick Boxing as a Master Trainer for her former company Powder Blue Productions. The Chalene Show Podcast has excellent health and wellness tips and subject matter that will interest those wanting to improve the quality of their life.  Find her podcast on iTunes or Spotify.  Let me know what you think!

The Blessed Life

This book revolutionized the way I looked at my finances and the way I have decided to be a giver.  If you want to have a fulfilling life with an abundance, I recommend this book by renowned author Robert Morris.

Business Resources

Keeping it Social

Keeping it Social is a concierge marketing brand designed to connect and engage businesses and organizations with their clients over digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We specialize in helping clients figure out how to use the best of the internet to achieve their growth and market potential for their business. Through connecting, engaging, and giving value to the people who matter to your business, we keep it social!

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